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 Swedish Massage
            Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best known massage.  It uses firm, but gentle pressure to ease muscle aches and tension and improve flexibility.  Swedish massage creates relaxation by reducing both emotional and physical stress.
30 min.  $30
60 min.  $50
90 min.  $70
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Deep Tissue Massage
          Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  It uses much of the same movements and techniques as the Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense.  It is also more focused on relieving chronic muscle tension of knots, also known as "adhesions".  Slower strokes and more direct, deeper pressure and friction is applied to the grain of the muscle.  It's a "good hurt" feeling.  Meaning, it is an uncomfortable hurt, but feels good at the same time. 
45min. $40 
75 min. $55
90 min. $70
120 min $100
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Myofascial Release
Myofascial release is a bodywork modality that gently releases restrictions in the fascia which is a very densely woven tissue covering every muscle and organ in the body. The fascial system is actually one structure that exists from head to foot without interruption. 
The fascia can become tight, restricted, and a source of tension to the rest of the body as a result of injury, poor posture, surgery or a variety of other reasons.
The area of tightness is identified and a light stretch is applied. The stretched area is held until the tissue relaxes and then the stretch is increased. The process is repeated until the area is fully relaxed and the fascia returns to its natural state of ease and comfort. 
Myofascial release is often incorporated into the deep tissue massage.
75 min.  $55
90 min.  $70
120 min $100
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Pregnancy Massage
              Pregnancy massage is done in a side-lying possition using cushions or pillows.  This position is comfortable and safe allowing access to the back, hips, and back of legs.  One side of the body is worked on at a time. 
               Recieving regular massage during pregnancy can alleviate many of the unique discomforts of pregnancy with the extra weight gain, change in structural allignment and hormones. 
                Studies have shown that wth regular massage during pregnancy contibutes to shorter, less painful labor and can reduce labor complications and medications.
30 min. $30
60 min. $50  
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Hot Stone Massage
         Hot soothing stone massage is a specialty massage that used heated basalt stones, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. It is a deeply soothing and relaxing form of massage.  Traditional Swedish massage strokes are used while holding a heated stone. As the stone cools, it is replaced with another.  Heated stones may be also placed along your spine, around the shoulder blades, in the palms of your hands, and little rocks are placed between your toes with a hot towel wrapped around your feet while the therapist works on other areas. 
60 min.  $60   
90 min.  $80
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Sports Massage
          Sports massage is a deep tissue massage technique using trigger point therapy and  myofascial release along with  some active and isolated stretching, while focusing on areas most commonly overused depending on what sport or activity your involved in.  
            Recieving regular sports massage during your training will decrease your risk of injury, speed up your recovery time after a workout which would enhance your performance, restore flexibility, remove lactic acid build up, and aid in faster recovery from injury.
45 min. $40
75 min.  $55
90 min. $70
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                                            Special Package Pricing
"Frequent Kneads" - for those wanting to invest in there health and come for a massage on a regular basis.  All massages must be scheduled at the time of purchase.  If you fail to show up for an appointment without calling 8 hrs ahead of time one massage from your package will be used.
4- 60 minute Swedish Massages - $180 (Can use for pregnancy massage also)
6- 60 minute Swedsih Massages  $270 (Can use for pregnancy massage also)
4- 75 minute Deep TIssue Massages - $200
6-75 minute Deep TIssue Massages - $300
Student Package :  4 - 30 minute Swedish Massages - $80 (under 18 yrs old)
                                      4- 60 minute Swedish Massages - $130 (under 18 yrs old)
Student Athlete Package:  4 - 45 minute Sports Massages - $100 (athletes under 18)
                                                     4 - 75 minute Sports Massages -  $150 (athletes under 18)
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