A Kneaded Touch - Massage Therapy

Wellness for the Body & Soul

Come to A Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy  for all your relaxation needs. Soothe away your troubles with a massage that will relieve your tired muscles and erase your stress.

Located at 728 South C Street in Broken Bow, NE  I have a number of returning clients who can attest to my excellent service. My goal is to create an experience in which you feel completely and utterly renewed. I am confident I can provide you with specialized attention and an amazingly refreshing massage experience.

This is your time to relax and escape!


The benefits of massage are extensive.  Massage therapy treatments will have a therapeutic effect and improve health by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic (immune) systems.  Just to name a few:

Stress Relief
Better Energy
Increased Circulation
Improved Concentration
Decreased Recovery Time with Exercise
Relieve Sore/Tense Muscles
Improve Range of Motion
Improved Sleep
Decreased Pain
Stronger Immune System

About Teresa Kleeb, LMT
      I decided to go into massage therapy  because I have always had a passion to help people.  I have a tendency to be a people pleaser just like my mama who is an amazing lady who was an exceptional nurse.   I was not very good though in nursing situations.  I can get faint at the site of blood and needles... so nursing just didn't seem like a good fit for me.  I loved giving back and  neck rubs to my friends and family and also I was a young mom so I didn't want to be tied up in school for several years, and massage school is less than a year.  It was intense but SO worth it.   Massage has been a great fit for me, and I love what I do.   I love learning about the body and how it can heal in the most natural ways, and it just needs a boost of help sometimes.   I also have a passion for nutrition and I'm always learning as much as I can about food being our medicine or our poison. I hope someday to maybe become a Health Coach too.   

  After graduating from Institute of Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Wellness in Davenport, Iowa.....I started A Kneaded Touch Massage Therapy Clinic  in June of 2004.  The past 15 years have been an amazing journey! I've met and worked with some amazing people who have blessed me in so many ways.   I'm so thankful for their support of my business and have become like family to me.  

  • Graduate of Institute of Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Wellness in Davenport, Iowa
  • Licensed Massage Therapist in Nebraska
  • Professional Member of ABMP - Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
  • Certified Cupping Therapist
  • Certified (learned under John F. Barnes) with Myofascial Release 1

     Lord, We commit our work to you, knowing you will establish it. May it always be that we love the work we do & be able to do the work we love. Establish the work of our hands so what we do will find favor with others & be a blessing for many. May it always be glorifying to You -Amen

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